Edible Acres Farm + Cafe + Catering

Products Beer, Coffee, Wine & Spirits
Services Catering
Location1681 Highway 93/95 Windermere BC
WebsiteEdible Acres Farm + Cafe + Catering
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Winderberry Greenhouse and Nursery sells a wide array of flowers, trees, and shrubs that have been the mainstay of this family operation for over 35 years. But over the years, the business has also grown, and the second-generation have added to the nursery with Edible Acres Farm and Cafe. The farm, which sits on five acres of certified organic land, grows more than 85 varieties of healthy fruits and vegetables, and has its own CSA food box program. The healthy produce is used in the food served at Edible Acres Cafe and Catering. The produce is sold at the cafe's farm shop, and others shops and farmers' markets in the Valley. The fields that feed us all are at the root of their passion for this business: certified organic, community-focused, and proud! Read More...